About us

Principal consultant Juliet Richters has specialist experience in health, social and life sciences. Our associate contributes additional skills in marketing, policy writing, community development and technical writing.

Principal consultant

Juliet Richters BA MPH PhD AE



BA in languages (German and Japanese), linguistics, computing and philosophy
Master of Public Health majoring in epidemiology and research design
PhD in public health
Accredited Editor (Institute of Professional Editors)

I have been an editor for over 30 years, both in-house and freelance, editing non-fiction and fiction, government and research reports, journals, and material for the general reader, such as consumer magazines, brochures, patient information sheets, magazine articles, user instructions and media releases.

I’m known for being meticulous on detail: I’ll pick up inconsistent spellings 300 pages apart, find a number in the wrong font, or pick up a factual error (‘Stanley gazed east towards the setting sun’). But I’m also able to see the bigger picture and make publications accessible—and fun—for their readers. Sometimes the answer is not to have a (printed) publication at all, but to communicate in another way. It depends who your audience is. And it’s all about the audience, not about us.


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Associate consultant

Alan Whelan BSocWk

Stakeholder communications and public relations strategist and writer



Social policy research, development and writing: expertise in housing, equity, access to legal services, sexuality, health and related issues

Literature reviews, taking in academic and grey literature, synthesising into rigorous analysis and outlining of issues and opportunities identified

High-level written communication skills:

  • producing clear and logically structured research and policy view reports, executive summaries and related documents primarily for in-house and government reporting purposes
  • writing press releases, pamphlets and related material for communication projects with stakeholders and service users or potential users

Clear, goal-focused empirical research design

Research for and writing clear social policy documents, with clear, data-backed recommendations

In-depth understanding of the interaction between law and social policy, between social policy and service delivery, and between service delivery and client outcomes, with the ability to write in, and translate between, each mode



As a community worker Alan Whelan established several community organisations, particularly tenants’ unions and groups representing unemployed people.

As a policy advisor to government in New Zealand and NSW, Alan Whelan wrote the departmental drafts of several pieces of legislation concerning social issues. As a Senior Policy Officer with Family and Community Services, his tasks included monitoring the work of the New Product Steering Committee (budgeting, deadline management, etc.), developing the Tenancy Guarantee, developing neighbourhood assistance programs, research and policy development on former inmates leaving prisons, policy on violent offenders, design guidelines for buildings and other structures for older people in social housing, media monitoring and numerous other projects.