More about Juliet Richters

My editing career has included:

  • verifying all factual details in articles in consumer magazine Which?
  • compiling published texts from multiple versions of theatrical performance transcripts and conference presentations
  • structural editing of social science books that originated as academic theses
  • editing practical books on home improvement, needlecraft, gardening and travel, and lots of cookery books
  • writing clear, simple definitions for the Pocket Macquarie Dictionary, aimed at struggling high school students
  • compiling news items for professionals in reproductive and sexual health
  • fact-checking and making sure that claims of scientific fact are supported by the references cited, especially in contentious areas
  • editing three peer-reviewed journals in public health and sexual health
  • editing health leaflets for translation into community languages
  • editing journal papers, community reports, posters, presentations and media releases for major research projects
  • indexing cookery books, textbooks and academic journals, and books on natural history, sociology, politics, law, pharmacology and public health
  • and such oddities as checking Shakespeare quotations in original spelling, proofreading fourth-century Latin text, and translating worldwide menus into French.

See my entries in the Institute of Professional Editors’ Find an editor listing and the Australian and New Zealand Society of Indexers’ listing Indexers Available. (Search on my name.)

For a full list of works edited and indexed, click here.